Football 101

It’s that time again….football season!!! This is an exciting time in our home. Nick has been prepping Bree for weeks about football. This last weekend she got hooked! She begs Nick to turn the TV on by pointing at it and saying “Ball! Ball! Ball!” The TV turns on, she runs to Nick, sits down beside him and watches football. The other day I asked her if she wanted to go and see daddy and it was like a light switch went off in her head and she instantly started chanting “Ball! Ball! Ball!” Where did this little girl come from. Seriously!

Fourth of July

We had an unforgettable Fourth of July. Years ago, Nick’s little sister, Jasmine, was diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy called Limb Girdle. Her poor muscles don’t grow with the rest of her body. She experiences a lot of pain on a daily basis but deals with this disability so well. You never hear her complain about her lot in life and she ALWAYS has a smile on her face. Nick’s childhood friend, Doug, along with his family and the Make A Wish Foundation presented Jazzie with her one wish. Doug’s family put on a HILARIOUS play to present the gift to Jazzie. The Kunz family def. is an amazing family and we love them so much. They were so kind to think of Jazzie and to go through all of the hard work in order to make this possible. Jazzie, we love you so much and are so thankful to be able to call you our sister.

The Kunz family rented this huge slide so after they presented this gift to Jazzie it was time for some fun in the sun. And Nick’s mom…..DUNKED.

The rest of our time in Idaho was awesome! I think Bree thought she had died and gone to heaven with all of the animals. Her favorite animals had to of been the chickens. She would spend forever following them around. We went to the parade. We ate mexican food from the Mexican bus. It is literally a bus and the inside is all set up to cook in along with places to eat. But don’t worry, we are still alive!! And the part I look forward to every year……Nick and his family made their AWESOME dutch oven dinner for my birthday. Lots of hanging out and having fun. Bree loved the trampoline and was such a little spazz on it. Love her!! It was such a fun trip and def. was too short!


Our awesome neighbors, the Hattons, are moving this week. We are so sad to see them go. We went up the canyon last night and had dinner as one last get together before they move. We are really going to miss you guys! I know Bree is going to miss Landon and Hannah so much! We love you guys so much and will miss you terribly!!


Bree is a monkey! She climbs on everything. The coffee table in the family room is just the right height for her to climb on by herself. The other day she climbed on the coffee table and began ordering me around to get her favorite things which include her blankie, binki and sippy cup so she didn’t have to climb down herself and get them. Once she had everything she needed, she ordered me to come over to the table while she proceeded to lie down so I could tickle her back.

I just stood there baffled thinking what is wrong with this picture?


With the beautiful warm weather we have been having this past week, little Bree has been in pure heaven. All she wants to do is go outside. Whenever I ask her if she wants to go outside she makes a bee line for the front door. She hears all of the neighbor kids outside playing and waives and waives to them. Lately, we have been putting her out on the back deck and she runs back and forth with a few stops to waive to the neighbor kids playing or to waive to the doggy next door.

This little girl is filled with so much energy and being able to go outside and run it off has been so great!


I have always loved Easter. We had such a fun day yesterday. Nick and I hid eggs all over the house for Bree. When she woke up Sunday morning and came out of her bedroom and saw eggs everywhere, her big blue eyes grew big and many gasps came out of that cute, cute mouth. She would pick up an egg and picked up another with the other hand and went to pick up another and realized her hands were full so she would throw those eggs on the ground and pick up more. We gave her her Easter basket. She was excited until she saw another egg and her Easter basket was thrown to the wayside as she darted for her new egg. Nick and I were laughing so hard. She had so much fun on her Easter egg hunt around the house.

Here is a picture of Bree all dressed up in her new Easter dress ready for church.

It was so nice to go to church and remember the real reason why we celebrate Easter. We had such a fun day yesterday.